Covid 19 Killer Air Decontamination Air Purifier Potok SAP120

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The Potok® air decontamination technology is a patented method for destroying any types of air-borne microorganisms and viruses indoors. The technology is effective, which has been confirmed by the conclusions of leading Russian and foreign R&D establishments.
Air decontamination using the Potok® technology is achieved by affecting a microbial cell or the secondary and tertiary structure of virus macromolecules with permanent electric fields of a given orientation and intensity. The magnitude of electric field exposure is rated so that any microorganisms and viruses are destroyed, regardless of species.
Potok® is the only air decontamination technology used aboard the International Space Station (Roscosmos and NASA segments).
The Potok® equipment reduces concentrations of microorganisms and viruses in the indoor air to minimum (background) values and maintains it at the level achieved. Live microorganisms and viruses are not accumulated inside functional decontamination units, which eliminates their instantaneous release after disabling and re-enabling the unit.
Potok technology can be scaled and used not only as of the heart of an air decontaminating device unto itself but also an as an advanced feature of industrial equipment or domestic appliance. 

Standalone unit «Potok 150-M-01», SAP120 doesn't need to be connected with the current HVAC systems. This professional air decontaminating device creates local clean zones in healthcare. 

Model, capacity, m3/h: up to 120 
Dimensions: 250х250х400 mm
Housing material: plastic
Weight, kg: 10
Energy consumption, W: 60
To be used in 1 piece for a floor area up to 20 m2

Potok technology advantages are:
01 Effectiveness of inactivating microorganisms
at least 99.9%
02 Nonselectivity
destruction of all types of microorganisms and viruses, antibiotic-resistant strains
03 Durability
the service life of the equipment is 10 years
04 Environmentally friendly
no chemicals are used for inactivation, equipment does not require special disposal
05. Safety
work in presence of people
06 Energy saving
consumption is similar to that of LED light bulb
07 Automatic control
over inactivation effectiveness

POTOK professional equipment is successfully used in healthcare. It decreases the risk of nosocomial infections, increases treatment effectiveness, and shortens the recovery and rehabilitation period of patients, effectively deals with antibiotic resistance of microorganisms. 3500+ installations (operating theaters, oncology wards, intensive care units, bandage and burn wards, tb and infectious disease wards, emergency rooms, maternity wards, etc.).

Client's benefits: 
01 Preventing the spread of dangerous microorganisms through air conditioning systems
02 Individual protection against bacteria and viruses in the workplace for employees and clients
03 Decrease in the incidence of ARVI and influenza among employees and the economic losses caused by sick leaves of them