AiroDoctor Air Purifier with UV-A LED Photocatalysis that Inactivates Viruses

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AiroDoctor (

Air Purifier

The UV LED air purifier is equipped with a photocatalytic titanium pro filter, which provides clean air that is harmless to the human body by decomposing and removing 99.9% of harmful substances, odor, various pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air.

 Eco-friendly UV LED photocatalyst technology
 No secondary products & no ozone
 99.9% decomposition of harmful substances
High-performance 4-step filter system

Powerful filter technology
The AiroDoctor Mini features a HEPA filter to collect bigger
particles such as hair, dust and pollens from the air. Then the
UV-A LED photocatalysis process safely inactivates viruses and
bacteria, rendering them permanently harmless.

Environmentally friendly UV-A LED photocatalysis technology
Real elimination instead of accumulation of harmful
No emission of harmful by-products such as ozone or
HEPA-filter Up to 99.9 % of ultrafine dust particles,
fungi, bacteria as well as pollutants down to
1 μm (micrometer) are collected and safely
UV-A LED filter
Using environmentally friendly UV LED photocatalysis
technology, viruses, bacteria,
harmful substances, germs, odors, etc. are
radically decomposed and eliminated


With the unique UV LED photocatalytic filter, the AiroDoctor is able to cover the entire spectrum of harmful pollutant particles. Substance particles are made harmless: germs, odours and hazardous gases don’t stand a chance!

Thanks to its fine-pored structure, the AiroDoctor not only keeps the pollutant particles but also the air flow inside the device for longer. The intentionally increased time in the filter thus ensures a longer and more effective irradiation time for the substances to be destroyed.

The photocatalytic filter is not only coated, but consists of 250 grams of solid titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is the only filter of its kind and, thanks to its large surface effect, it is particularly low-wear and durable.

Filters, destroys,

The AiroDoctor is equipped with a filter combination that combats the entire spectrum of air pollution. The pre-filter, airborne particle (HEPA) and activated carbon filter as well as the UV LED photocatalytic filter run at full power against dust particles, odors, bacteria and viruses. For impressive and sustainable results. The AiroDoctor adsorbs and neutralizes even the smallest particles with a diameter of 0.1 µm. This makes the AiroDoctor ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes or medical practices.