Portable Air Purifier with UV-A LED Photocatalysis that Inactivates Viruses

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AiroDoctor Mini (https://airodoctor.com/)
The AiroDoctor WAD-S10 Mini is a portable professional air
purifier. It works on the same purification technology as our
larger AiroDoctor models.
Thanks to the patented and certified UV-A LED photocatalysis,
the portable AiroDoctor Mini eliminates 99.9 % of pollutants in
its immediate environment.
The device is very lightweight (remove at 425 g), runs on battery
power and can be conveniently charged via USB-C.

The AiroDoctor Mini stands firmly on any surface or table.
Remove the lower part of the cover to perfectly fit it into any
cup holder of a car or in the larger base for additional stability
(sold separately).

Healthy air - at home, on the road, at work
The AiroDoctor Mini is designed for easy and safe air
purification in any indoor area:
in cars
in trains, buses, ...
at school
during meetings
in hotel rooms

Powerful filter technology
The AiroDoctor Mini features a HEPA filter to collect bigger
particles such as hair, dust and pollens from the air. Then the
UV-A LED photocatalysis process safely inactivates viruses and
bacteria, rendering them permanently harmless.

Environmentally friendly UV-A LED photocatalysis technology
Real elimination instead of accumulation of harmful
No emission of harmful by-products such as ozone or
HEPA-filter Up to 99.9 % of ultrafine dust particles,
fungi, bacteria as well as pollutants down to
1 μm (micrometer) are collected and safely
UV-A LED filter
Using environmentally friendly UV LED photocatalysis
technology, viruses, bacteria,
harmful substances, germs, odors, etc. are
radically decomposed and eliminated