Ultra A2 Book Scanner

Ultra A2 Book Scanner

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The book2net Ultra is one of the most successful A2 production scanners worldwide. Developed specifically for the service sector, the book2net Ultra meets special requirements for high throughput, outstanding quality and extreme durability.

• Selectable options: 400 dpi / 600 dpi
• 0.3 sec. scanning time (A2 color @ 400 dpi)
• 2.2 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging + storage)
• 12 cm depth of field
• 15 cm height adjustment
• 10 cm spine width
• USB 3.0 interface
• Optimized for OCR applications thanks to reduced signal noise

High-performance A2 book scanner for highest demands

The book2net Ultra combines impressive productivity and quality with high ease of use. Book cradle, glass pressure and the conservational LED lighting system can be precisely adjusted to a wide variety of formats and template structures in a matter of seconds, which ensures a smooth workflow.